Dr. Mike Milligan is the Founder and President of OralSystemicLink.net, "Saving Lives through Oral Systemic Health."

Dr. Milligan is a full time practicing dentist. He owns and maintains Eastland Dental Center, LTD, a high-quality multi-doctor dental practice in Bloomington, Illinois, in which he practices golden rule dentistry – the core philosophy that he will treat his patients the way he wants his own family treated.  


He is Founder and President of DentalMastermindGroup.com, “Helping Dentists Succeed.” He is a Founding Member and Board Member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. He has been owner and CEO of Scientific Health Products, LLC, and of Dental Health Products, Inc. He is on the advisory board for Mouth Watchers, a company with revolutionary new products for oral hygiene.


Dr. Milligan was Chief Investigator for a billion dollar nutritional company of a groundbreaking study: “The Effects of a Nutritional Supplement on Periodontal Health and Antioxidant Levels.” He created and was chairperson of the advisory committee of DentalNutrition.com. He was one of the earliest speakers and authors on the Oral-Systemic Link. 

Dr. Milligan’s written mission is “to help people live better.”

He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Karen, their four wonderful children, and their three beautiful grandchildren.


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